What’s the best way to inquire about an event and how much notice is needed?

If you’re thinking about planning an event, big or small, call us today at 845-279-9595 or email us at bledley@comcast.net. Keep in mind availability; sooner is always better.

Not sure of the exact number of guests attending or haven’t pinpointed a menu yet? Don’t worry about it! We generally only need about a week’s notice for those last minute details.

What if I need tables and chairs for my event?

Ledley Food Service provides (based on your needs) 60” round tables, 6’ long tables, 8’ long tables and collapsible white chairs all upon request.

Do you provide tents?

While Ledley Food Service does not have our own tents, we do have great contacts with tent companies throughout the Tri-County area which will match any taste, any size, and any budget.

I booked my event, but what should I expect Ledley Food Service to provide on the actual day?

Based on your event, the Ledley staff will provide your personalized menu, all tableware, serving pieces, linens, bar selections, and all other equipment needed for cooking and preparation. We can provide as much or as little as you want, from a five-star Black Tie affair to a simple food delivery.

I really don’t know anything about planning a party or piecing together a menu, can you help?

Yes we can! Give us a call or shoot us an email. Brian is happy to give you suggestions on what food works well together, how to stretch a tight budget, and even what linen or color schemes complement each other. Here at Ledley Food Service, our years of experience can help make your day stress-free and all the more special.

Can I have a certain dish at my event that isn’t listed on one of your menus?

Of course! We’re always opened to experimenting with new foods and we’re happy to try and meet every request.